Jooki makes the 2022 TIME Best Inventions list

Jooki makes the 2022 TIME Best Inventions list

Jooki makes the 2022 TIME Best Inventions list For more than two decades, TIME magazine editors and experts have chosen the most impactful products and ideas of the year to share with the public. This year, our screen-free Jooki music and stories player was selected as a TIME Best in Toys & Play.  This award is a testament to Jooki's commitment to providing the highest quality music and stories experience for kids. Naming Jooki as a premier wireless speaker for kids, TIME recognises Jooki's ability to directly stream parent-selected Spotify playlists - a feature exclusive to Jooki. Basically, Jooki is the only quality music and stories player that gives kids safe, screen-free access to streaming audio content. Grown-ups create playlists from Spotify (or their own MP3 audio files) and associate them with a Jooki figurine or tokens in a few clicks on the Jooki app. Next, kids just place that figurine or token on Jooki to start the playlist… or lift it to pause, stop or change.  Children grow fast and their needs change just as quickly. Grown-ups will easily reprogram Jooki tokens and figurines to share new inspiring audio content with their kids. Jooki will play Spotify playlists when connected to Wi-Fi and MP3 playlists anytime, anywhere. That's why Jooki unleashes invaluable family moments - creating lasting memories for kids, while they learn to talk, dance, sing and listen - having fun! If you haven't tried Jooki yet, now is the time! Jooki is now available in the USA, Europe and Taiwan. Visit our website to learn more about our product.


Jooki makes the 2022 TIME Best Inventions - Toys & Play



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