Jooki, the smart music speaker for kids, partners with Spotify

Jooki, the smart music speaker for kids, partners with Spotify

Kids become DJs and play Spotify playlists with cute little characters in the form of figurines

MuuseLabs, the Brussels-based Belgian startup, announced today the release of Spotify on Jooki – the smart music player for kids. The wonderful partnership of Jooki with Spotify with its millions of titles for any age gives to parents an unlimited musical choice to create the perfect playlists for their children. Children recognize the playlists in the form of cute little figurine characters.

“There is something truly magical in popping a character on Jooki to start a Spotify playlist. It plays instantly. And it’s so easy for parents to link the playlists.” explains Theodore Marescaux, CEO of MuuseLabs. “We want to make face to face communication the centre of the family again and without screens. Music is great because it sparks emotions. The partnership with Spotify brings this ambition to a whole new level.”

Spotify with Jooki, how does it work?

Jooki works with Spotify Premium and Spotify Premium for Family accounts.

All parents have to do is open the Spotify app and their Jooki is automatically recognized. They start a Spotify playlist, select Jooki in "Devices available" and – boom, the music is playing on Jooki! Parents use Jooki app to link the playlist to a character. Done. No more smartphone needed, kids can use the character figurines or tokens to trigger the Spotify playlist at any moment they like.

With Spotify, Jooki’s experience reaches a whole new level
  • Spotify playlists’ available without a smartphone: kids do not need parents anymore to listen to their music.

  • Spotify music can finally move around the house: as portable speaker, Jooki can be taken to the bedroom, the playroom… as long as it stays connected to the WiFi.

  • Unlimited number of titles: all their favorite music at their fingertips, kids can have as many songs as they want on each character.

  • Spotify without screen: children are free to move, to dance, to play without the freezing attraction of a screen.

  • And as always: safe content because chosen by parents themselves, quality sound that compares with any other speaker, and remote control of the sound volume as well as of the playlists that are played.


Jooki is available online from for 199$.

Spotify availability will be published on our website as soon as April 23rd, but we kindly ask to not publish any news related to the partnership with Spotify until May 2nd, 2018.

Jooki - The Jukebox For Kids (Explainer)
Jooki - The Jukebox For Kids (Explainer)
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