Jooki WiFi Speaker for Kids to unveil at CES 2022

Jooki WiFi Speaker for Kids to unveil at CES 2022


Muuselabs has announced that the company will unveil the Jooki WiFi Speaker for Kids at CES 2022 scheduled to be held from January 5 to 8, 2022 in Las vegas. If you attend CES 2022, you should visit AWEX Booth #50730 at the Sands Expo (Venetian Expo) to experience Jooki WiFi Speaker for kids. Jooki is the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award for Best Headphones & Personal Audio. Jooki kids speaker is the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, which stream music and audiobooks.

The company has adopted innovative patented NFC ToyTouch Technology, which enable kids to operate the speaker independently using re-programmable Jooki figurines or tokens as remote controls. The kids can start, stop and modify Spotify or MP3 playlists via the companion Jooki app. With Jooki’s revolutionary streaming capability, the music can be changed quickly depending upon the requirements without using expensive CDs or downloads.

The jooki player is guided by Montessori education principles, which establishes connectivity via Wi-Fi and audiobook streaming. The screen-free music player enable parents to empower their children to develop creativity, independence and emotional awareness. You can share favorite playlists with special songs, music and stories with the help of Jooki.

Jooki Kids Speaker is priced at $112.99 and includes the jooki speaker, dual Jooki tokens, pre-programmed changeable playlists and a charging cable. The company also provides additional packs of 7 colorful tokens and 5 popular figurines. The company is funded by START, CoFOundry, Brustart and LeanSquare.

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