The Only Speaker Young Kids Need

The Only Speaker Young Kids Need

by Nancy Reyes

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When it comes to my nephews and nieces we are always looking for something different, something they done have already. Jooki kids’ screen-free speaker is a great gift for the younger ones, and we defiantly love it With Christmas here already this will make the perfect gift.

Jooki generation 2 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, stylish buttons, more colorful tokens, 8GB of internal memory, and 8 hours of battery life. Everything they need to play music from and so much more. We love our Jooki music player as it gives them complete autonomy and independence.

They took to it immediately(once the parents had easily set up some music associations to the tokens via the phone app), loving that he can switch out music on command in such an easy and fun way, we are able to have some control and give them the thought that they are in control. Nothing like music to soothe the soul.

We are a music house, someones always got some kind of music going, speakers in every bedroom. So this was the perfect gift for the younger kids and they are having a ball with it, They each have a token and that’s what they use when it’s their turn to use it.

Create playlists of lullabies or bedtime stories; parents can turn Jooki off remotely when little ones fall asleep. Jooki is designed with high-quality sound that appeals to all ages; updating playlists as tastes change is a cinch.

Build quality is great, and it’s a great idea for kids. Just to know you need to download music files so they can be played anywhere. Spotify can only be played when connected to a wifi network which is no use when the kids are playing music in the car

This will make the perfect gift for anything, and they are going to love it as much as we do.

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