3 Easy Ways to Involve Kids in Thanksgiving

3 Easy Ways to Involve Kids in Thanksgiving

Turn Thanksgiving into a child-friendly holiday with these super-simple tips and activities!

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday by so many people because it brings families together. And because it’s a reason to make and serve a delicious meal with ‘all the fixin’s’! For parents of young children, there’s even more reason to celebrate.

The holiday is extra special when your child becomes old enough to take part in the preparation and celebration. So we have 3 easy things that will keep your child engaged and help them feel like a real part of the festivities.

1. Games

Nothing gets kids more excited and playful than creative games designed for their age level. This Thanksgiving, try one of these popular choices or ask your child to make one up for a truly unique Thanksgiving.

2. Simple Decorations

Do you or your child love craft time? If so, you’ll both love making your own simple but elegant Thanksgiving decorations for the dinner table. Your child can help set the dinner table and design simple place cards for your family get-together.

3.Food Fun

A younger child (preschooler or toddler) probably isn’t ready to safely handle a huge turkey. No problem! There are plenty of cute and simple treats your child can make himself or herself. You might be surprised by how well it turns out!

More simple tips for a kid-friendly Thanksgiving…

Consider making these activities part of your Thanksgiving family traditions for kids:

BE THANKFUL JAR. Take the dinner table “What are you thankful for?” question to another level with the classic Thanksgiving ‘Be Thankful’ jar activity. You can leave this jar on the dinner table to open afterward.

JOOKI ‘THANKSGIVING SONGS FOR KIDS’ PLAYLIST. Stream our Thanksgiving themed playlist on Spotify. While the adults watch football, the children can have their own sign-a-long or turkey dance party! With Jooki, you can rest assured your child will only be listening to screen-free you’ve pre-approved.

We hope incorporating these few simple actions into your Thanksgiving will make it meaningful and fun for your child!

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