Calm Music for Kids: A Playlist to Relax and Unwind

Calm Music for Kids: A Playlist to Relax and Unwind

Are you looking for a playlist that will help your kids unwind? This calm music for kids is the key to a well-earned, relaxing evening for the whole family.

Music is a powerful universal language. The right song can energize us, motivate us, and inspire us. It can keep entertain us, intrigue us, and even confuse us at times. Importantly, music can also help calm us — to provide a sense of serenity when we desperately need to temper our nerves.

As parents, we all know there are times our kids need a little helping hand when it comes to winding down. So you’ll be pleased to know that we at Jooki have done the hard work for you and come up with a short but hugely effective playlist. Below is a selection of calm music for kids — so you can get your evenings back and get them in the mood for a long stretch of sleep.

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1. Marconi Union – Weightless

If you haven’t yet heard of this song — you’re welcome! This is a truly life-changing track. Neuroscientists in the UK have labeled this song as the most relaxing music in the world. Following tests, Weightless was found to reduce anxiety in participants by a remarkable 65%. They also noted positive effects on participants’ heart rates, blood pressure, and rate of breathing.

The song starts at 60 beats per minute and steadily slows to 50 — and your heart rate gradually matches the slowing beat. The song makes use of unsystematic chimes, which prompt deep relaxation, and the intervals between notes promote a sense of relief. The low hums throughout also work to put you in a trance-like state.

2. Moonlight Sonata — Beethoven

It’s never too early to give your kids an appreciation of classical music! This sonata, by Beethoven, was completed in 1801 and is one of Beethoven's most popular compositions for the piano. While the first movement is almost perfectly designed to lull you to sleep, parents should be warned — the sonata's finale picks up, with a flurry of notes and piano gymnastics.

3. Over the Rainbow — Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

This song is a beautiful twist on the original, played by talented Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. The song creates magic and a massive sense of calm, with Kamakawiwo’ole’s soothing voice and with the sounds of the ukelele. If you’re looking for calm music for kids, this is a winner, and one your children are bound to love.

4. Frère Jacques

This old French nursery rhyme, also known in English as “Brother John,” tells the story of a sleepy friar, who has to be woken up to sound the bell for the matins — the morning prayers. This song has been sung to babies to soothe them for years, and for good reasons. The rhythm is slow and relaxing, and the words repeat themselves in a way children find reassuring and comforting.

Audiobooks can also help provide a sense of calm for children. Here are 7 tips for listening to audiobooks with kids.

5. Clair de Lune — Claude Debussy

This is the second piece of classical music in our “calm music for kids” playlist. It's also, coincidentally, the second one about moonlight! Clair de Lune is French for “light of the moon.” First composed in 1890, this piece by Debussy is soothing, yet at the same time, really emotional in places. The music starts slow, with simple, slow notes and is perfectly designed to calm hyper children!

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