How to Keep your Children Motivated in School After Summer

How to Keep your Children Motivated in School After Summer

It's school time again! While many parents are happy to welcome back more structure into their lives, it's common for children to navigate mixed emotions. If your child is feeling excited yet anxious, remember this is a normal reaction. In fact, going back to a daily routine requires adjustment for both parents and children. To smooth your transition, we put together 3 vital tips to help your child remain motivated in school after summer.

Show care and empathy

A great way to establish emotional safety with your child while navigating a change in routine is by showing empathy and compassion for their inner experiences. Allow your child to express their emotions even when they may seem contradictory. Reassuring them that they can freely share their emotions with you will help increase their sense of safety and trust.

Another way to overcome anxiety is by helping your child understand the changes they can expect in school. Discuss what may be slightly different from last time. If there are new measures at school due to the latest Covid policy, explain how these changes will help keep their friends and teachers safe. Planning and clarifying expectations will make the transition from summer to school much easier.

Finally, encourage your child to reflect on the positives of returning to school. For example, using prompts, ask your child what their friends have done over the summer and what they would like to learn in the new semester.

Establish routines to keep your children motivated

As creatures of habit, we greatly benefit from using routines to simplify our lives. The start of school is a perfect time to show your child the benefits of healthy habits. The key here is starting small! Create simple morning and afternoon plans, and then slowly increase the level and frequency of their activities. Some children like to have a visual diagram of their schedule, so this is a great way to add some fun and help them make their unique diagram.

Another aspect to consider is involving your child in planning their routines! For example, ask them what they would prefer to take in their lunchboxes to school. Spark their creativity by asking if there are any new recipes they want to try. Small changes can surely help keep your children excited and curious about going to school.

Last but not least, let's talk about sleep! Sleep plays a vital role in your child's school life. A lack of sleep will cause irritability, forgetfulness, difficulties with learning and low motivation. We all know that long summer days involve a more relaxed sleep schedule. Going back to school might require time and patience to bring your child’s sleep routine back on track. We have talked about how to restore your children’s sleep routine in our previous blog. Check it out for more useful tips.

Get involved in homework

Show genuine interest in your child’s school life. A great way to get involved is by discussing their homework in a way that encourages them to take responsibility for their work. 

Don't be afraid to discuss subjects you know nothing about, in fact, this is a great way to help your child develop personal answers. Reflect back on children's curiosity about learning new things and share the wonder of asking questions. According to Jennifer Pollard, founder and coach at The Kids Coach, it's important to listen with an open mind, give your child space to express themselves, and encourage them to find a solution independently. 

While routines are a great way to develop healthy habits, in the end, it's important to remember to give yourself and your child enough time and flexibility to adjust until you find a balance that compliments your parenting efforts. Why not invite your child’s friend over to play and do some homework together? Better, why not use Jooki to record some fun lessons and let your child play them independently! Jooki is not only a fun buddy but also a study buddy. Here is an educational song playlist that will keep your children engaged while learning new things.

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