Music Helps Kids Get Into The Back-to-School ‘Rhythm’

Music Helps Kids Get Into The Back-to-School ‘Rhythm’

There is nothing routine about a routine. In fact, we think routines get a bad rap. After all, people often refer to routines as being “stuck in a rut” or “same old, same old” or even boring with a capital B. However, from a child’s perspective, routines are anything but boring and can be especially beneficial during the back-to-school season.

Routines help children predict the future and feel safe and secure. Pair a routine with a ritual and children receive the added benefits of continuity and connectedness. For example, giving a child the same instruments to play with while you get a snack together each day, lets the child know that it’s almost time to eat something yummy.

During the back-to-school periods of childhood, routines help ease children through transition periods, whether it’s adjusting to a new teacher, a new school, or even navigating through a growth spurt, which somehow always coincide with a new school year. The best time to introduce children to routines and rituals is NOW.

So turn up the music during routines and rituals and you will never use the word boring again when referring to routines! Try these tips for adding music into the back-to-school routine.

5 Ways to Get Kids into the Rhythm of Back-to-School

1. Wake children up or welcome them to the classroom by singing a favorite song or by listening to a playlist with songs about the morning time.
2. The rhythm of the morning routine naturally lends itself to a little musical play. Sing songs or chants about morning tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, or even getting in the car to go to school.
3. On the drive to school, listen to music and sing along! Children will begin to look forward to this special ritual in the morning.

4. For teachers, add music throughout the day to let children know it is time to clean up for recess, to mark the beginning of circle time, or even to get the class ready to walk down the hallway.
5. Add music to the nightly routine to help children recognize that the day is over and it is time to settle down for bed. Make a ‘quiet music’ playlist and start playing it right after dinner or just before bath-time. Helping children settle and fall asleep carries over into the morning routine. A well-rested child is easier to get moving than a sleepy one.


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