The Ultimate Montessori Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

The Ultimate Montessori Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

The season of giving has arrived! This year, make sure your little one is getting the best gifts that will enhance their learning and development with these Montessori gifts for babies and toddlers. Montessori is the core educational philosophy used by Jooki, which is grounded in the principles of a prepared environment, cultivating independence, and hands-on learning. Montessori toys are designed to be developmentally appropriate, natural, and open-ended – meaning that children can learn new skills by discovery. To find out more, read this blog that answers the question: What does Montessori mean? Note that this year, with global disruptions to supply chains, things are selling out faster and restocking slower than normal. To make sure your toys arrive in time for Christmas, remember get your orders in early!

Babies (0 to 1 years old)

Topponcino This soft Montessori baby pillow gives newborns comfort, support, and consistency throughout their first few months of life. It becomes a point of reference for a baby and creates a cozy environment. This special pillow also gives confidence to others to cuddle your baby – without the nerves. Skwish Grasping Toy from Manhattan Toy This is a wonderful wooden toy that helps a baby learn to grasp at around 3 months old. Babies can practices reaching and develop their motor skills by playing with the lightweight wooden dowels which are easy to grasp. Black and White Image Cards from Wee Gallery Since newborns can’t see color yet, simple black and white images are the most appealing to them. This set of black and white image cards is great for babies, as the images can be enjoyed individually or can be rearranged together into a book. Sensory Blocks from PlanToys x pbk This set of six sensory blocks gives babies new shapes to discover. Each block holds a new surprise that teaches children about cause and effect, while also building their motor skills. The blocks are carefully made using sustainable beechwood and non-toxic water-based paint, making for a safe baby toy. Wooden Puzzle by Thoth This is a great first puzzle for babies, as it is made of beautiful wood and only has three pieces. The jumbo wooden knobs allow for easy grasping, helping babies practice their coordination and matching skills.

Toddlers (1 to 3 years old)

Pop-Up Toy from Galt Toys This popular pop-up toy encourages motor skills as a baby learns to place the pegs into the holes. They are then introduced to the concept of cause and effect as they learn how to make the pegs spring up. As a baby grows older, they can discover how to match colors. Sand Toys from Hape Sensory play and hands-on learning are critical components of the Montessori method. This beach set that includes spades and shovels in various shapes is great for children to play with in sand or water and encourages them to scoop, pour, sift, and experiment in the outdoors. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell Rod Campbell’s classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo is a timeless favorite with toddlers. Babies love to lift the flaps and discover the animals in the zoo. With bright, bold artwork and a cast of lovable animals, Dear Zoo is a must-have for every child’s Montessori bookshelf. Musical Instrument Set from Melissa & Doug This 10-piece musical instrument set includes a variety of instruments that get kids moving, grooving, and feeling the beat. Kids can explore rhythm and music together, making for a great winter activity when outdoor play may be more limited. Gardening Set by Kinderific This high-quality child-sized gardening set is one of the earliest ways small children can help with yard work. The set includes everything they need to get started, including a tote bag, spade, watering can, rake, fork, trowel, and a pair of yellow gloves for the ultimate gardening experience. Jooki As the Gold Award recipient of the 2021 Mom’s Choice Awards, Jooki is the ideal Montessori gift for your toddler. Jooki is a screen-free Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled speaker with streaming music and audio. In the app, parents associate songs, playlists, and podcasts from MP3 files and Spotify to tokens or figurines. This Star Bundle includes eight tokens and five figurines, so your child can access a range of content. With Jooki, kids can start playing their favorite songs and stories all by themselves and adjust the volume and change tracks using the speaker's intuitive knobs. These Montessori-friendly gifts are beautiful and engaging, while also appealing to children's developmental needs, making for wonderful Christmas gifts.
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