What Are the Best Montessori Learning Toys?

What Are the Best Montessori Learning Toys?

We love these stimulating and fun Montessori learning toys that support key Montessori principles and are suitable for a range of different ages.

As a learning principle for the early years, Montessori remains unparalleled. Putting a child at the center of his or her own learning aims to foster independence, confidence, creativity, and exploration. When you choose Montessori learning toys for your children, you are encouraging hands-on learning and giving your little ones the precious gift of being able to make their own choices as they play, discover, experiment, and learn.

We know our children have a great learning capacity and that the tools we place at their disposal can help and encourage their development, independence, and sense of self. However, busy family life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and fighting against an increasingly screen-dominated world can be tough for parents when they’re short on time or resources.

Montessori learning toys center on creativity and stimulation that’s child-led without a screen in sight. They let children learn through play and reassure parents that they are encouraging positive activities for positive development.

As proud followers of Montessori principles here at Jooki, we understand the importance of giving toys and learning tools to our children that offer freedom within safe limits. We’re big fans of many wonderful Montessori learning toys, and we have rounded up some of the best on the market for parents looking to help their children grow and flourish. Here’s the lowdown on our favorites and what makes them so great.

Here’s the lowdown on our favorites and what makes them so great.

1. Jooki — the Best Music and Story Player for Kids

At its heart, our Jooki speaker is about nurturing a love for music and stories, with your child in the driving seat. Exploring and discovery are crucial for children’s holistic development, and the Jooki gives your child control in an interactive, safe, and screen-free way.

We all know that music and stories are a key development aid, right from babyhood. Songs and stories help an infant’s social, emotional, language, and literacy development, all while encouraging creativity and movement. With the Jooki speaker, you can choose playlists and audiobooks for your child to access, and then hand over the reins to your little one, giving them the freedom to dance, sing, move, and discover new favorite stories by themselves.

The way the Jooki speaker is designed also means it can grow with your child. It’s versatile enough to satisfy younger and older kids, with the ability to play everything from a Disney Spotify playlist through to children’s podcasts and new audiobooks of your choosing.

The added beauty of the Jooki audio player is that it’s fully portable, so it’s ideal for the home, long journeys, vacations, or for helping children entertain themselves when visiting family or running errands.

Its easy buttons and fun changeable operating figures make it simple and intuitive for children to use, with bright appealing colors and durable casing to protect against bumps. Developed with key Montessori principles in mind while complementing the modern way many of us access music and stories, the Jooki is perfect for ages three and up.

2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

This colorful sorting clock from much loved wooden toy makers Melissa & Doug is a wonderfully entertaining and educational toy for young children. The 12 numbered, multi-shape pieces can be removed, moved about, sorted, and counted, and the clock face includes helpful guidance on learning analog time-telling. Helping with fine motor skills development, your little one can also use the clock as an aid for learning shapes, numbers, and colors — all packaged in a size ideal for curious little hands to explore and hold independently.

3. Indoor Playground

This super-cool indoor climbing ramp and foldable triangle is part of a range of climbing apparatus that brings the playground to your home. Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or it’s a weekend or holiday season, kids will never be bored with this activity center. Positioned at a low height, it can easily be navigated by toddlers, although there is a range of products specific for babies and older children available too. It’s a great tool for enhancing gross motor skills and building confidence and a sense of achievement in little ones.

Although this kind of Montessori learning toy comes at a higher price tag, it may be a worthwhile investment as a tool for exercise, busting boredom, and keeping your child’s day free from screens.

Depending on the equipment you choose, indoor climbing equipment can be suitable from babyhood through childhood.

4. Wooden Drum

Delighting little ones from a young age, this drum has sound and touch experimenting at its core. Babies can learn all about how they can make noise while toddlers can begin to control volume. “What happens when I bang the stick hard? Or soft? Can I play along to my favorite music?” As children grow, they can make up different rhythms and even add their own words. And the good news is, the rubber head on the drumstick means the noise isn’t quite as overwhelming for parents as some drums can be! This lovely and fun wooden drum is suitable for ages 18 months to five years.

5. Crayon Rocks

These funky crayon rocks encourage little ones to experiment with mark-making and drawing. Their appealing shape makes them a great alternative to traditional crayons, and they can support infants to master their tripod grip by themselves. Plus they look natural — because they are natural! Made from non-toxic ingredients, kids can have fun drawing, making patterns, and switching colors. As they grow, they’re suitable for writing too. With supervision, your little one will enjoy mark-making and early scribbles from around the age of two.

6. Water Playset

This beautifully designed water playset combines sensory and imaginative play, making it ideal for exploring, experimenting, and make-believe. It’s also unbelievably compact, so it won’t take up a fraction of the room a traditional water table does, and it can be used indoors so your little one can enjoy it whatever the weather outside. The included accessories can be moved around and taken in and out, keeping children in full control of their play. This set is made from repurposed rubberwood and is suitable for ages three and above.

7. Wooden Magic Cube Face Pattern

This simple but versatile Montessori learning toy has a combination of play benefits. The wooden cubes are painted with safe water-based paint that’s odorless and non-toxic, ensuring they aren’t harmful to young children. They support fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination, with kids free to arrange the blocks as they wish. Additionally, they encourage children to begin to explore different emotions and feelings as they make up various facial expressions with the different blocks. They can also support color identification and are completely versatile, with little ones able to combine the different bricks or match them up as they choose.

This is an all-around lovely Montessori learning toy for little children, and it is suitable for use by children from ages three and up.

Limitless Benefits of Montessori Learning Toys

Choosing toys like these for your little ones will encourage exploration and independence, and they will provide many hours of play, fun, and entertainment. Whether it’s inspiring a love of songs and stories or supporting gross and fine motor skills development, these toys will bring true delight to your children.

If there’s a great Montesorri learning toy you think we should add to this list, we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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