Half a decade is a long time when it comes to the lives of both young children and emerging tech products. And that’s already how long the original Jooki has been creating invaluable family moments through playing music and creative storytelling.


Over 15,000 Happy Customers

In its first few years after launching, the interactive Jooki speaker enabled hangouts, dance parties and story times for tens of thousands of families.

Improving Upon a Pioneer

Based on user feedback, we kept everything you liked about the original and revised both the form factor and overall experience when creating the Jooki 2.

It’s Still Cranking Out Music and Stories

In the meantime, many Jooki 1 owners continue to use and enjoy their adorable, kid-friendly, token-based speakers.

Proud of Our Second Child, But Not Ignoring the First

Although we ran out of first gen Jooki speakers and figurines, we still support them through software updates. So you can keep having fun with them for years to come! (Admiration is optional.)

How to link Jooki 1st gen to spotify

step 1

Select Jooki Playlist

Open your device’s Spotify app and select a playlist. Look for Jooki in Spotify’s playlists for inspiration!

step 2

Set Active Device to ‘Jooki’

At the bottom of the Spotify app screen, open “Listening on” and select Jooki-XXXX.

step 3

Select active Token

Open the Jooki app. On the app screen, select the icon of the token or figurine that you want to link to the Spotify playlist.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why don’t you still sell Jooki 1?

Because we included everything that was great in the original Jooki speaker and packed significant improvements to make the Jooki 2 even cooler.

Do you still support Jooki 1?

Absolutely! We strive to honor and assist our early adopters however we can. Write to support@jooki.com if you ever have a question. And know that you can always incorporate the latest features and enhancements onto Jooki 1 by simply updating your classic interactive speaker’s firmware.

What’s new and different with Jooki 2?

Aside from noticeably updating the speaker’s overall form factor, making it thinner–and therefore easier for little hands to hold–here are some of the top improvements we made:

·      Added a button and knobs to make it easier to control

·      Got rid of the SD card in favor of 5GB of internal memory

·      Increased battery life to 8 hours

·      Added wireless headset compatibility

Should I upgrade to Jooki 2?

You don’t need to. You can keep right on groovin’ to your favorite tunes and stories–and keep more electronics out of landfills–by keeping and actively using your Jooki 1.

Can I use Spotify free with Jooki 1?

Yes! Just keep in mind that Jooki doesn’t have the ability to block the ads your kids may hear when streaming the free version.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Jooki?

Not necessarily. You can be offline and still rock out if you load MP3s from your music library onto the speaker (via SD card for Gen 1 or internal memory for Gen 2). But you will definitely need a connection to stream Spotify playlists.

Can you please answer another question?

Sure! If you don’t find it already answered here, feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas about how we can make the Jooki experience better for you.

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