Jooki is a technical device and requires set-up just like your smartphone, game console, smarthome assistant, and other modern conveniences.

After set-up, Jooki works smoothly and easily in your child's little hands!

Simple for your child to use

Once Jooki is activated and you have selected the playlists your child can listen to, Jooki is ready to play for hours.

  • 1.Power on

    Press the heart icon for two seconds to start Jooki.
  • 2.PICK a playlist

    Each toy figure and token contains a parent-programmed playlist of music and stories.
  • 3.Let's play!

    Pop on a Jacki figure to start its playlist of music or stories.
  • 4.Turn it up

    Adjust the toy-safe volume level.

    Skip a track or play it again.


You are in total control of the music stories your child listens to with Jooki.

Jooki Smartphone App

Assign a Spotify playlist to a Jooki toy figure or token.

Jooki Desktop App

Assign any .mp3 to a playlist and a Jooki toy figure.

Stream music and stories

Connect to Wi-Fi Bluetooth for wireless headphones.

On the Go!

Listen to .mp3 playlists offline anywhere.


What type of audio content can I listen to on Jooki?

You can associate content to your Jooki in two different ways: 

• Pick or create playlists from Spotify : songs, stories, music, podcasts, etc. These tracks will play as long as Jooki is connected with a Wi-Fi network.

• Create playlists from your own MP3 audio files. In that case Jooki can play anywhere, including on a plane, at the beach, in a car.

What's the difference between Jooki's figuriness and tokens?

Tokens and figurines play the same role: they trigger a playlist on Jooki.

Figurines have a higher play value for young children, who enjoy Wanda - the blue whale, Mia - the green dragon, Liam - the orange fox, Dan - the gray knight and Alex - the white ghost.

Parents can easily associate content such as MP3 audio files or Spotify playlists with either Jooki figurines or tokens.

Where can I learn more about how Jooki works?

Please visit our Getting Started section on Jooki support site

If I buy Jooki for a child living in another country, will it work there?

Yes, Jooki is designed to work anywhere in the world where 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi networks are widely available.

What age range is Jooki designed for?

Jooki is designed for children aged 3-year-old and above.

Can my child use Jooki outdoors and in the car?

Yes Jooki works on the go if you associate .mp3 playlists to Jooki tokens and figurines prior to leaving the house. These playlists do not require Jooki to be connected to Wi-Fi.


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