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Legal warranty of conformity 

NOT WITHSTANDING ANYTHING ELSE TO THE CONTRARY CONTAINED IN THE TERMS, you have a legal warranty of two years on products purchased from us. This legal warranty of conformity benefits to all individual consumers residing in the European Union and covers a lack of conformity prior to the supply of the products. During such period, we undertake to replace or repair the product, free of charge. We reserve the right to exchange the goods if repair is impossible or disproportionate.  


The 2-year legal warranty applies to any lack of conformity of the product you have purchased, e.g. when the products do not correspond to the description, the type, the quantity, the quality, the compatibility, the interoperability and the other announced characteristics or do not contain the announced accessories.  


The legal warranty does not apply to defects that are caused, among other things, by accidents, negligent deterioration of the product's condition, falls, use of the product contrary to the purpose for which it was designed, failure to follow the instructions for use, changes or adaptations to the product, improper, abnormal, commercial or incorrect use. It also does not apply in the event of intervention by a non-designated third party. 


This warranty covers only Jooki products and not any software, data or materials available on or through such products. For your rights and remedies with respect to such items, please see relevant sections of the Jooki’s Terms of Use. 


Your rights under the legal warranty of conformity: If the product you have purchased has a defect covered by the warranty of conformity, you have the right to obtain, free of charge, a repair or replacement of the product.  


You have the right to obtain a reduction in price or the cancellation of the contract in the following cases: 

- if repair or replacement of the product is not possible; 

- if the repair or replacement cannot be carried out within a reasonable period of time;  

- if the replacement or repair cannot be carried out without major inconvenience to you. 


Please note that a minor defect for which repair or replacement is not possible or unreasonably expensive does not entitle you to rescind the contract. 


How long does the coverage last? The legal warranty of conformity covers defects in conformity that occur within two years of the delivery of the product you have purchased. It is therefore recommended to keep proof of purchase of the product. Defects of conformity that appear within two years of delivery of the product are presumed to have existed at the time of delivery, except where this presumption is not compatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the defect of conformity or unless proven otherwise. 


How to obtain warranty service? Any defect must be reported to our Customer Service at or by using the contact form on our website, within two months of its discovery. After the expiry of this period, all claims for repair or replacement lapse.  


Our Customer Service will advise you on how to return the products. 


What if your Jooki product is not covered by this warranty? If your Jooki product is not covered by this warranty, Jooki will inform you via electronic mail and give you the option to have it sent back to you at your expense or repaired (if possible) or replaced at your expense. If you do not respond to Jooki’s email, then Jooki will not send back, repair or replace your Jooki product. 


How do you register your Jooki player? You can register your Jooki player by filling in your name and email address in the Jooki app when you first set up your Jooki.